Feedback Master slides pain...

Hi please help!

I have lost all hope...All I want to do is have my Incorrect and Try Again layers formated correctly for my system simulation project.

I have set the text size, font and box position. I've got the background and the box how I want it.

What I can't seem to get AS to do is format the flippin' Continue and Try Again buttons.

I have tried creating my own button and hiding the one AS insists on putting in but it doesn't work (oh it jumps to next slide fine when it's the Continue one) but it will not hide the layer no matter what I do for the Try Again.

I have tried to use variables as well. This seems to be a real flaw. You can set up a feedback master to your own design but not the button? In addition I would like to be able to set the actual Text in the master as well so that ALL my feedback slides say the same thing and not have to go into each slide and re-write it!

Has anyone got any ideas? This is large project (4 modules, with each module averaging roughly 70-80 slides) and I don't really want to have to create the Test Me version slide by slide!

Cheers all (going off now for a lie down in a dark room lol)

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Eric,

Are you using the method described here to customize the continue set up?   Also, the "Try again" layer you may want to review this article as there is an additional step based on how the trigger is automatically generated. 

In regards to the text not updating, what portion are you changing? The text placeholders that are automatically there you can change the formatting, but the text is set by default. If you need to add new text, you'll want to create new text placeholders. Here is an additional tutorial on working with feedback masters. 

Hope that helps!