Feedback Masters not behaving as expected

I'm creating a course in Storyline 2...

I've got the Slide Masters interacting the way I need them to. The Feedback Masters aren't/don't work similarly. 

In Try Mode, using the try again Feedback Master displays correctly and appears to have some trigger activity tied to objects but nothing happens...

Am I expecting too much? Can Someone help me fix this... Please!


BTW: I've gone thru every "Slide Master" and "Feedback Master" tutorial i can find.

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Deepak Mohanty

Hi Rich,

I just checked the sample .story file and saw that there is no trigger to go back to the base layer from the Try Again layer. Probably, create hotspots on those Refresh/Play icon to Hide the layer and show the base layer. 

Could you please elaborate a little more like what feedback you exactly want to show and on what stage? 


Richard Allaire

The trigger is defined in the try again feedback master... I can't create a secondary trigger to the button I've supplied because the object is not available in the slide layer and the triggers embedded in the feedback master don't do anything.

How do the highlighted objects get copied to my timeline? I want to user define this information to be pushed.

I'm trying to avoid touching every automatically generated slide layer. What am i missing?