Feedback Meter on Result Slide

With the inspiration from David Anderson’s blog, I have customized the feedback meter in the result slide for one of my projects. The problem I am facing is that there is a lag before the actual results is appeared.

For example, if I score 25% in the quiz, the result slide shows 0% for a second before it shows the actual result, that is 25%. This happens for every result I score.

Is there any solution for this?

I have attached my storyline file.

Appreciate your help.

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Paul Millardo

Hi Saravanan,

I tried to do a desktop preview of the file you sent. It is interesting to note that I was not able to recreate the same behavior you just described.

However when I tried to publish it, I did see the score go to 0% before correcting itself.

So it looks like it only happens when the project has been published online.

My guess is that there is a slight delay in syncing. We might need the team to look into this further.

I am also curious of what the root cause is.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Saravanan,

I think some of what you're experiencing is a delay as all those triggers execute - as there are a number of them. Instead of displaying the score as a variable based on the actual score, could you look at displaying the score and then adjusting the Meter based on that? It would eliminate a lot of those extra triggers to allow Storyline to use the built-in functionality. 

Also, if you still are seeing a long lag when publishing, our Support Team is standing by to answer your questions!