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May 25, 2012

Hi all, 

I would like to upload a project I am working on to get some feedback (thanks Bruce but I don't seem to be able to upload it as an attachment here?

Is there another way of doing this? I don't have a personal webpage I can use.

Thanks in advance, Louise

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Phil Mayor

Hi Louise

I have had a look.  It looking good.

From an aesthetic point of view there are a couple of things I would do.

Buttons, objects etc.  I would change out the default articulate settings.  this is a real bug bear with me, but I think you should never use the default settings.  Its a way to differentiate your work but also the built in settings are a bit Naff.

Also on buttons, try adding a visited state (or make it more obvious) that sections have been viewed, thereby giving the users the feeling of progression.

On your quizes you could change the slide master of correct and incorrect to better match your theme.  I found it annoying that I had to keep taking the question to pass.

Try making your submit/previous/next button a bit more obvious, black on black is not good.  Remember Tom and his comments on contrast.

Its not obvious in a couple of questions that I have to click on the characters

I like that I can explore and do things in my order.  I am not sure about the black background.  It might be better if you could get an office like background.

It is really good you have posted here, its always hard to ask anyone what they actually think.  I am not being over critical, I liked it and just wrote don some notes as I viewed it.

Just some thoughts, good luck


Phil Mayor

Good luck, everything I know I learnt here, the main reason I am still here,  show's I am still learning and I owe the community.

Post back when you have changed it.  I posted my first project a while back the feedback was invaluable.  I still hear some of those comments when I am building stuff now.  Its like when I still hear my driving instructor talking whilst i am driving.  It may just be that I hear voices though

Bruce Graham

Hi Louise,

I also like it, however would suggest some amendments.

Again, aesthetically....I find the black background very stark.

There are a few (IMHO) strange inconsistencies and some things you might want to look at:

- The course is called "The Dialler"

- Slide 1 says "Meet the Dialler Team"

- You click on Dale, and it becomes the dialler department

I find this all a little confusing at the start, perhaps the viewers will understand.

- Dale's RPC's is just a plural, does not need an apostrophe. I think there were a couple of examples of 's being used for plurals.

- On the "Disposition Code" slide, on Marker 6 you have both "Reocccuring" and "recurring", I think it should be reoccuring. On this slide you could also reduce the size of the market text boxes on 2-6 inclusive, (1 is fine).

- All through, I am not a fan of full sentences that do not have fullstops.

- Your second Dialler Disposition example has some strange formatting one one of the Feedback boxes.

Hope this helps.

Posting a course is always a brave thing to do, however, you will become a better and more confident designer for doing it.

Well done.


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