Feedback on Twitter Case Study 'Test'

Hey guys, I've recently just made this for a Social Media Marketing project we are working on. I'm adding feedback on the final page now, it's not done in this version as it gives away the information people will be paying for haha, and I'm uploading it for you guys. Let me know if you can think of any additions/improvements that can be made.


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Linda Lorenzetti

I really like this idea Jordan and the way that you give immediate feedback based on the choices made.  

I have a couple of suggestions; in the beginning you should explain that they will see a mock-up of their twitter account based on their decisions.  I also find the first slide a little dull.  Grab their attention at the beginning with a better layout, or imagery.  People will believe that your message has value if it looks like you put time and effort into the presentation.


Jordan Defty

Yeah Linda it's quite bare bones at the moment design wise. There's a tutorial on how to use Twitter in the project which is very minimalist, and it looks real nice. But in this context I agree the design needs changing.

Thanks Leslie! I've also made Facebook and Twitter mock-sign ups if anybody is interested in seeing those. Both look pretty much identical to Facebook and Twitter, built entirely in articulate.