Feedback screen


My scenarios are set up such that when a learner answers correctly, they see a feedback screen with some text along with a "Continue" button. Clicking the Continue button takes them to the next screen.

The problem is that if on the next screen, if they click the "Prev" button in the player they are taken to the previous screen, but what they see is the feedback screen, not the base layer. How can I have this feedback screen close?

I tried adding a second trigger to the "Continue" button on the feedback screen, but that didn't alter the situation.

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Shanti,

Are you using a regular Storyline quiz? I ask, because usually the Continue button on the feedback layers has 2 triggers:

  1. one to jump to the next slide
  2. one to hide the layer

If the "hide the layer" trigger isn't there, that would cause the problem you're describing. You can always add it back in manually.

Let us know if that fixes it. Be sure to shout out with any questions.