Feedback slide background

Hello, I'm having an issue with feedback layers showing a black background instead of white (as it shows on the feedback master). This is a new issue since the last software update. In the same story, I have set up a freeform quiz slide, using feedback layers which show as they should, so this is very odd. 

I have tried: 

  • Moving the slide into a new SL file
  • Deleting feedback layers and recreating these, applying the feedback master layout
  • Changing the background from black to white for these layers (it seems to be defaulting to black for some reason). This doesn't seem to change it. 
  • Checking the feedback master (it is showing as it should in white)

* I am just using the modern default feedback master. No changes have been made to this. 

Slide attached, so hopefully someone can see something I can't. 

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Noel Read

Hi, it could be the Design you are using - the Design overrides the Feedback template and applies that design to all the slides. I've attached an image to show the area I am referring to. Try selecting different designs while viewing your feedback layer and see if that makes a difference.