Feedback theme changes do not seem to apply?

Feb 03, 2014


I have just upgraded to Update 5 and have been trying to change feedback theme in my quiz feedback slides, but no matter what I do, it seems the default theme remains?!

I have not tried doing this before so do not know if it is something I am missing or perhaps even a bug in the 5 Update?

I am able to create a new feedback master and give it a name, but when trying to select anything other than the default 'clean' from 'Themes' it does not apply?

It simply creates a new 'clean' with the new name I gave it but it looks the same as the original 'clean' on exit and trying the quiz :-(

Can anyone help tell me what I am clearly missing?

I did read the tutorial -

Am I right in thinking also that the 'built in' slide and master feedback themes do not match the 'player' themes?

Having chosen the 'Slate' player, I was looking for a corresponding 'Slate' feedback master Theme, but notice the theme names in 'Player' and 'slide/feedback masters' are completely different?

Appreciate any pointers, going grey with it here!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Debbie,

Let's start from the beginning :)

You've created a new layout in your Feedback Master - are they there when you go into "View" and just not showing up when you preview? If that's the case, have you applied that layout to your questions? 

Here's how you can apply different layouts to existing feedback layers in your story:

  1. First, navigate to the quiz slide you want to edit.
  2. Select one of the feedback layers (Correct, Incorrect, Review, etc.) in the Slide Layers panel in the lower right corner of the window.
  3. Then do any of the following:
    • Right-click anywhere on the slide, scroll to Layout, and click the desired feedback layout.
    • Right-click the slide thumbnail in the left navigation pane, scroll to Layout, and click the desired feedback layout.
    • Go to the Home tab on the toolbar, click the Layout drop-down list, and click the desired feedback layout.

Let me know if you're already taking those steps and if the layout isn't showing up as an option, or isn't updating when previewing. 

Also - no - by changing the player theme/colors, you're only changing the player color. If you need to coordinate that through your project, you'll want to use a design that looks similar, or set up your own colors. 


Debbie Kay

Hi Christine

Many thanks for your reply and help on this!

My problem is not in applying, but in trying to change the theme.

When I go to View > Feedback Master >Themes > and try to select a different theme by clicking 'Theme' then selecting any from the selection given by right clicking as instructed 'Apply to selected slide master' , the new theme appears not to apply i.e. it looks exactly the same as the default 'clean'

The same happens with 'Add as a new slide master' - there is no change to what is seen on screen when any theme added to the project is applied using 'layout' and in the 'layout' drop down they all look the same as well.

I hope this explains my problem a little better

PS Thanks for the clarification on the player and slide themes, it would seem logical to me to be able to choose a Master slide and Feedback master theme to go with a player theme, but thanks for letting me know that is not possible.

Debbie Kay

Support have now confirmed this is a bug and Feedback Masters cannot be changed from the default grey.

Has anyone found a workaround I wonder? I can't believe every SL quiz in existence has the default grey feedback themes!

We want to use the 'Slate' player and find it has an integral 'invalid answer' feedback which matches perfectly, but 'correct' and 'try again' feedback layers are the 'grim' grey of the default.

Any suggestions appreciated!

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Debbie Kneale said:

Support have now confirmed this is a bug and Feedback Masters cannot be changed from the default grey.

Has anyone found a workaround I wonder? I can't believe every SL quiz in existence has the default grey feedback themes!

We want to use the 'Slate' player and find it has an integral 'invalid answer' feedback which matches perfectly, but 'correct' and 'try again' feedback layers are the 'grim' grey of the default.

Any suggestions appreciated!

Hi Debbie,

If you mean you simply want to change the Feedback box and button colors to match the Invalid Answer box and buttons (which is what I see when I choose a different colored player), that CAN be done without a new theme.

Go to the Feedback master.

To change the box and line colors

Click on the "top" layout and modify the box placeholder and line colors as desired. An aside, I actually had to hide the default "line" (which is actually a shape) and insert my own line to get it to work properly.

To change the Font Color

I always think you could also do that on the top box, but it never  "takes" for me. But, you can  click on each layout, e.g., Correct, Incorrect, and change the font in the Placeholders there

To change the Button Color

This actually involves dragging the existing button offstage and creating a new button with desired colors. Here's a link to a support page where Brian Batt explains how to do this (he does a great job, BTW). The only difference in what I did with the attached is that I made this button change on the TOP layout. Brian has done it on the incorrect layer. I assume this is so you could change the button on each layer if you want to.

Apologies if I misinterpreted. Please shout out with any questions.

Debbie Kay

Thanks for your replies Ashley and Rebecca and for your great suggestion and clear steps Rebecca, REALLY helpful, thanks!

There is another useful tutorial at the link below, which helped me on this too:

Also, I now realise the trigger order and object order on the slides is critical!

Many, many hours of trial and error on that one, but I have finally achieved (I think!) what I wanted! :-)

At least in my test quiz, now to aim to apply the same to the others and hope I get the same results!!

Thank you to everyone who helped, especially Rebecca!! :-)

Debbie Kay

Thanks Rebecca, sorry, I should have added that.

We purchased SL specifically for the advertised iPad compatibility, but it seems so much just simply does not work :-(

Whilst the forums and support are very helpful, I am spending an inordinate amount of time working on one workaround, then another, then another :-(

I have had to submit another support request today because the workaround listed at the link re master slide triggers not working in html, does not work for me.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Debbie,

I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you're experiencing and I see the case (# 00384933 for my reference) that you're working on with Cleo so I'll continue to follow along as well. Additionally, I don't know if you've seen this chart that compares the features of Storyline and how they work within Flash, HTML5 and the mobile player. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Debbie,

I looked at your case this morning, and see that Cleo sent a clarifying email: 

There is nothing wrong with using variables in HTML5, I made a mistake when I initially diagnosed that the issue is due to variables not working in HTML5. 

What is broken is the use of "When: Timeline starts/Timeline ends" in your triggers, which help determine if the "Incorrect" layer was displayed more than twice and decide to display your Help (where it be on a layer or on a state). 

Since the "When: Timeline start/Timeline ends" is broken, we have no way of instructing Storyline to display your Help (layer or state) when the user answered wrong, more than 2 times.  In this regard, you may want to consider to permanently display the Help in the "Try again" layer, irregardless of the number of times the user failed to answer correctly.

I can also see where he's reported this to our QA team, so at this time we don't have any further information to share. 

Anne England

Hi all

I have Storyline 2 and I've created new feedback slides for my project using the client's fonts and colours. However, although right-clicking on the slide and choosing the layout does indeed change the feedback slides to the correct masters, it doesn't change the fonts, and stubbornly sticks to the Articulate font. I have changed the fonts on the masters.

Oh, the 'continue' and 'try again' buttons haven't changed colour either, despite my having changed these on the master too.

I had to manually change the fonts on the slides themselves, and then use format painter to apply to all the other slides.

Incidentally, these questions are imported from Quizmaker, where the feedback slides were correct.

What's going on? This is taking up so much time!!!!



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anne,

When you import questions from Quizmaker, they'll pick up the Storyline formatting set up within your masters and themes. I do see a recent report to our QA team, that if you've applied some custom colors to your feedback master - that don't come from your theme - the feedback layers of the questions will default to the theme colors instead. Is that set up similar to what you're describing? If you're able to share a project file here with us I can share it with our QA team for additional review - and if that doesn't match your scenario are you able to share your .story file so that we can take a look at the behavior? 

Anne England

Hi Ashley

Thanks for your reply. I changed the colours and the size of the feedback boxes on my custom masters, and these apply without a problem. (see the 'correct' layer on the first question; I haven't applied the layouts to the other layers or questions yet). It's the fonts that don't apply. I've attached a sample .story file.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anne, 

Thanks for sending along the .story file. I took a look at it, and first I believe there may be some elements of corruption in this file - as when taking a look I found upwards of 12 slide masters that said they were applied to more slides than you have total in this course. I also took a look at the feedback masters and found 4 sets of those, some of which were applied to 15 slides or as much as 85 slides. I then imported it into a new project to see if that resolved any of the odd masters - and a number of them were automatically removed. It still seems within your file I'm unable to apply a new font type or font color from your existing slide masters or new ones I create within your file (this all works normally for me in a brand new file). 

Since you mentioned quizmaker, I also tried importing a .quiz file into Storyline where I had modified the Quizmaker feedback master - and I do see that the Quizmaker slide kept it's original feedback master (so I misspoke before).  That version also imported successfully into your .story file with the correct feedback master.  It seems though, that when trying to change the feedback master associated with any imported questions - the main prompt colors and size will change - but not anything associated with the font. I'll be sharing that part with our QA team for additional review - but in the meantime, it seems that you can update the font elements on the feedback master within Quizmaker and those will import into Storyline - or you can manually update them within Storyline. 

Anne England

Hi Ashley

Thanks for this. I may have caused the problem with the multiple slide masters, as this file was a 'save as' from a previous quiz module in Storyline and still contained the other question banks. However, I realised this while working on my original full version. So I deleted the other banks, and updated all feedback slides to the layout I wanted, so that the masters only applied to the 16 slides in the quiz. Nevertheless, the fonts did not update and remained in the default Articulate font. The buttons were black, too, instead of green as they are in the master slides.

I note your point about the Quizmaker slides keeping their original formatting, but in fact the original Quizmaker file had the correct font in the feedback masters (Franklin Gothic), so surely this should have carried across in the import? And yet it didn't!

Thanks for all your help, and that of the QA team. It's quite a problem for me, you see, because we're migrating all the clients' original Studio 09 files into Storyline, and there are a lot of them.

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