Feedback to Correct Answers is readable but to incorrect answers is minuscule. How do I increase the size of the font of incorrect feedback?

Apr 18, 2016

I am developing practice questions for Articulate Storyline 2. I notice my incorrect feedback displays in a font that is very tiny, whereas my correct feedback displays in a font that is fine. Does anyone know why this might be happening? Thanks!

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Annaliza Guanco

Hi Margo. 

The font in a feedback TextBox is related to the size of the textbox.

You can choose from one of three property-options:

1. do not autofit
2. Shrink text on overflow
3. Resize shape to fit text

In feedback boxes option 2 is the standard one...
The more text you enter in the textbox, the smaller the font gets. A text which is bigger than the feedback textbox does not get larger when changing the font size...

To change this enter the "format shape properties"->"Text Box"

If you set the property to number 1 or 3, any change of the font size will affect the box.

If the property is set to number 2, a text will be displayed in the selected font size and will shrink when it gets to large for the textbox.

You may want to take a look here:

Hope the above helps. Thanks.

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