Feedback to lesson creators

Since there are no slide numbers or time information anywhere on the player, what is the recommended mechanism for end users or even testers to report problems in the content or function of Storyline productions?

Previously a slide number and time was available on screen for reporting issues. Now there seems to be nothing (at least nothing very precise).

What do others do?

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Michael Hinze

For testing or review, I often add a reference to a temporary slide number variable on the master slide. You could also turn on the menu and the numbering scheme in the menu, so that testers/reviewers can reference these numbers in the comments. Or, you could use a service like for review/testing.

Steve Flowers

I add a trigger object (simply an object that contains a few boilerplate triggers) to each slide. On this object I place three triggers:

  • Change variable storyboardNum to value XXX.
  • Change variable slideNum to value XXX.
  • Change variable slideTitle to value XXX.

Since these are in a shape, I can copy them easily from one slide to another. I then add some text boxes to my master slide. 

So, for example, I can send my storyboard number (s1_c1, etc..) to the slide, then remove the box when I don't need it anymore. It really isn't that much work if you plan ahead. These triggers can be seen from Story View as well. Making it easy to update from a single view.

Brian Sullivan

So these variables are shown on the slide (not the player platform)?

I really wonder why these things like slide numbers and timing removed in Storyline - they used to be standard objects in the player for Presenter (at least '09) - not sure about current Presenter. Were they removed there as well?