Feedback Triggers on a non-Freeform Slide

Hi All - I'm having difficulting with a scoring/feedback issue that I'm trying to do without  converting my slide to freeform. Since I'm trying to do this activity via layers instead of creating a new slide for each 'phase' of the activity, I thought manually creating the triggers might work better. In the attached file, when you click "Check Answers" on the "Cereal" layer (that's the only layer I'm working on right now), I'd like the following to happen:

1.  Change state of the buttons next to carbohydrate, riboflavin, and manganese from Selected to Correct, if the user has selected these. -- THIS SEEMS TO WORK

2.  Change the state of 'feedback' text box from the initial state of Hidden to Normal if the correct buttons have been selected. -- THIS SEEMS TO WORK :)

3.  Change the state of selected buttons that are not carbohydrate, riboflavin, and manganese to "wrong" if the user has selected one of these -- I THINK THIS WORKS

4.  Change the state of 'feedback1' text box from the initial state of Hidden to Normal if one or more of the answers selected is not correct -- DOESN'T WORK :(

5.  Change the state of any selected button for carbohydrate, riboflavin, and manganese from Selected to Correct and change the state of any selected button for the other nutrients from Selected to Wrong. --DOESN'T WORK :(

Do I need to add some variables to do this? Thanks very much for any guidance.

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Greg Hagar

Hi Laura,

I think it has to do with the order your calling your triggers in.

As I see it, you're changing the states on the incorrect answers from "selected" to "wrong" before you call the trigger to show the "Feedback 1" text box. 

If you move the "Feedback 1" trigger so that it comes before all the triggers for the incorrect answers it should work as you expect it to. 

Make sense?

Laura Fast

Thanks Greg - that solves item 4!

I played around with the order, but must not have tried that placement.

In reference to item 5, in the image I selected carbohydrate, Vitamin D, and manganese. In addition to changing Vitamin D button state to Wrong, I want carbohydrate & manganese to change from Selected (black checkmark) to Correct (green checkmark).

Donna Morvan

Hello Laura and Greg,

On Issue #5, just like what Greg discovered already, the reason why this does not work is because you set them to change to the "correct" state when "feedback" is normal when really.. it stays "hidden" because not all correct answers were selected. What actually switches to the "normal" state is "feedback1".

The problem with Greg's suggestion is when you select them both.. it will automatically be an "AND" condition therefore.. it will not work because it expects both to be in "normal" state when it doesn't ever go to this state really.

So.. what you can do is just duplicate your trigger for "feedback" and also add one for "feedback1".

Here's the revised story file.

Hope this helps,


Laura Fast

Hi Donna - I don't understand how your file is different in the end result. Above, Greg suggested that I change the state of the correct answers when either feedback or feedback1 is displayed. I can see that you did separate triggers, but I'm not understanding how this is different from the 'any of feedback or feedback1' suggestion.

Thanks very much,


Greg Hagar

Yes, two ways of doing the same thing I think...

I think the key in my example is to ensure that "any of" the selected objects are "normal" rather than "all of" them. In my way of thinking "any of" is equivalent to an "or" operator and "all of" is the "and" operator.

Actually, when I first tried this out I forgot to change "all of" to "any of" and I got the result Donna was talking about. A simple switch to "any of" seemed to clear up the problem. 

That's the interesting thing about Storyline - so many different approaches you can take depending on your point of view!