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Mar 14, 2016

I am creating a drag and drop,  using triggers, with several objects and two targets.  I have four fb messages, correct and incorrect for each target.  There is a trigger for each fb message based on where the object is dropped.

I am displaying each fb for five seconds in the timeline, and the slide time is eight seconds, so my goal is to have the fb display for five seconds then go away, with the new fb appearing after the next object is dropped.

Everything is working fine, except the fb.  The weird thing is the first fb, whatever it is, displays for five seconds then goes away, but all other fb stays on the screen.  It doesn't matter which fb is displayed first, it will go away after five seconds, but all subsequent fb will stay on the screen.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Bob! I didn't realize you were building this from scratch. You are going to need to add triggers to change the states back to hidden because they are just layering on top of one another. You're not seeing the 'time' work as you are on the same slide the entire time, so the timeline is not starting over. You could try to put these on layers perhaps also.

Hopefully someone will be able to assist you with this design.

Did you try to use the built-in options prior to this? Just curious if it did not fit your need?

Bob Elmore

Thanks.  My purpose is just to see what I can do with triggers, so I did not look at built in options.  I was hoping for a solution easier than adding all the hidden states.  That is a lot of triggers, but I understand how it works.  I was also curious to see how the timeline works in this case. 

Triggers may not be the best way to do this interaction, given the large number needed.

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