Feedbak and editing Result slides

Hi there,

I am using a resultslide including 5 questionslides in Storyline 2. I have been looking at tutorials but can not find how to customize the feedback when you want to review the quiz.

By adding feedback in the 'feedback post quiz review' area. I finally got the feedback, but when reviewing it does not show the answers given and only gives the incorrect sign?

I wonder what's going wrong? and how can I adjust this?

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Helmi Tuinstra

Hi Leslie, I did see this tutorial several times. And can not figure it out. May be it has something to do with my question slides. When reviewing you can not see the given answer. And it was only indicating incorrect even when wright answer was checked.

I uploded my file. Thanks so much for helping me out.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Helmi - sometimes, one simple statement gives it all away. In this case stating 'it was indicating incorrect even when right' was able to seal the deal.

Seems your issue is actually related to your slide properties and this is why your review is not working as you expect.

On your quiz slides, you have the slides set to 'Reset to Initial State', which will review incorrectly, not show your selection, and not show the correct answer.

If you adjust this to 'Automatically Decide', this should alleviate your issue.

Helmi Tuinstra

Hi Leslie,


Thank you so much! Sounds simple indeed. Never realized that state would have effect on the answers.

This is working ok now. I still see the storyline prev & nextbutton. And I have changed the slide properties of all slides to custom.  Did I miss something else there as well?