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Is there a way to add a link to a video file (mp4) on a server so that when you click on it, it let's you download the file instead of automatically playing it in a browser window or media player?

I have a list of resources in Storyline. When I add a hyperlink (Jump to URL/File) to a document like a ppt or pdf, publish, post on the server, and then try the link, I get an option to Open or Save the document in IE8 or use the download button in FF to save. But when I link to a video file on the server (same Jump to URL/File action), it automatically opens it in the video player on the laptop in IE8 and in FF it plays in the browser window but I can right click and save it.  Wondered if there is a direct download option for a hyperlinked video.


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Emily Ruby

Hello T.W.

I checked this out in my Player Resources, and added a video using the File: and chose a file from my computer. When published, the video is automatically downloaded. Then I have the option to open or save from my downloads folder. This is in Google Chrome. I also tested in FF and got this:

In Internet Explorer 11, it did open automatically.

You may be able to make changes within the browser settings.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Dragos, 

We don't yet have a full screen functionality for Storyline - but you may want to look at what you're setting for story size, and the player/browser setting to get your course at the right sizing for a full screen display. Keep in mind what devices your users will be viewing the courses on. 

Were there other buttons besides a download function (as Storyline relies on the control by each browser when linking/inserting a file)? Let me know and I'm happy to point you in the right direction! 


I have a button that I want the user to download an mp3 file. However, when the user clicks on the button it plays the mp3 in a new window/tab both in IE and Chrome. How do I use the trigger, Jump to URL/file, to actually allow the user to download the mp3 file? 

Additional question on the mp3, is there a way to show the audio control bar of the mp3 without converting it to an mp4? Thank you so much.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi WT,

That's typically a browser setting - to open the file directly into a new tab vs. downloading. Have you attempted to download the file from the browser once opened?

As for the audio control bar, we don't have one built into Storyline's audio files, but converting it to the MP4 would allow you to use the video control bar. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi W T!

How the audio file opens will all depend on the learner's browser settings. 

In my instance of Chrome, the audio file opens in a new tab. However, I do have the option to download the audio file from that new tab. 

In Internet Explorer, I have the option to Save or Open the file. 

Also, thanks for letting us know you have a need to display a control bar for MP3 files, similar to the video control bar. I'll let our team know that there is another request for that feature!