File Location for Audio Recordings

I'm an audiophile. So, I create a lot of work for myself when I need to do voice overs. I like to use Adobe Audition to clean up and sweeten my audio before I drop it into Storyline. However, I like that I could just record it right in Storyline and have my script right there. When you record audio in Storyline, where is that file saved? If I were to take that file, edit it, and save it, would the file in Storyline update, or would I have to insert it therefore bringing me back to square one?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jessica, 

I would assume it's saved in the Storyline file itself or in a temp directory - but I'm not certain if you were able to edit it if that would update it within the file itself. As Wendy mentioned, doing so in the published folder would allow it to update the published contents - but we don't support the modification of the published output.