File management

Apr 30, 2020

Hi there, as a company we create courses for a variety of clients; also a lot of curriculum work. Does Articulate offer some sort of tool to help with the sorting/tagging and management of all of the Storyline files? I need something to help us pick and choose from (thousands) of Storyline files in order to build new curriculum courses. I researched Articulate Online, but I am not sure if that really is for the purpose as described here. Thank you in advance.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Mareliza,

I see that you were able to contact our support team with your questions as well and Jose submitted a feature request on your behalf.

Since your files are stored locally on your machine and outside of the Storyline project, organizing is totally in your control right now.

I look forward to hearing how others stay organized as well :)

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