file only plays once in mobile player

I'm wondering what is hanging up my course that it will only run once on the mobile player even after supposedly downloading it for offline. I've tried everything I know.  I found out that if I publish without checking the mobile player it will at least play in the browser on my tablet. Thanks!

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Sylvia Wright

Hi Alyssa,

I'm using SL3. I published for web. The lesson is hosted at The lesson is called In Step With The Master Teacher: Modelling. I've been testing it on an iPad 4 mini. I tried publishing with mobile player and allow offline and I tried publishing with mobile player without checking the offline option.  If I publish without mobile then it will at least play in the browser on the iPad. Again, it WILL play on the player ONE time and that's it.

Crystal Horn

Hey Sylvia.  Thanks for the details.  After replicating this setup, I'm still able to play a course multiple times in the Articulate Mobile Player.  

With your permission, I'd like to take a look at your project file to investigate what's happening. You can share it publicly here, or send it to me privately by uploading it here.  I'll delete it when I'm done troubleshooting.  I'm hopeful there's a clue in the file that will help narrow down what's happening!

Sylvia Wright

Hi Crystal,  Were you able to get all the way through the course to the survey and then back to the home web page?  I discovered a glitch about mid-day today, which is repaired but it created a loop of about 4 slides. I fixed it, but can still only do the course one time on the mobile player. I'll send you the file privately tomorrow, if I can. Thanks so much for checking it out!

Sylvia Wright

Hi Leslie,

I finally got it to work and repeatedly work on my mobile player. I had to publish the entire project. It would not work with just publishing one scene.  A bit of a hassle since the extra scenes are places for keeping graphics, colors, buttons, etc used in the lesson. So I deleted the extra scenes, published the entire project and then undeleted the extra scenes. I am curious why it doesn't work with just one scene??? THANKS for being there!

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Sylvia.  I had created a test course which worked when I tested in the Articulate Mobile Player (AMP).  So I hadn't actually tested your output - I'm not sure why, but initially that website didn't load for me.  I can load it now, and I see your course.

We tested your course in AMP on an iPad, as well as a sample course I mocked up where I only published one scene.  I clicked the link, launched AMP and played through each course.  After closing AMP, I reopened and could successfully relaunch both courses from the library.

If you're still having trouble with course playback in AMP after publishing a single scene, our support engineers can have a closer look at what the difference may be.  

In the meantime, if you publish the entire project, you can hide extra scenes from the player menu.  As long as you don't have any triggers linking to the extra scenes, your learners will never know they're there!

Sylvia Wright

Hi Crystal,

Thanks for all your work on this. I will try publishing one scene again on my test site and see if it's still a problem. For the present one I simply deleted all the other scenes and published the entire project (which I think will make a smaller file) and then undeleted all the scenes and saved the file so they are all still available :). Many many thanks!!!


Sylvia Wright

Thanks Ashely. I tried this morning, again, to publish a single scene and it will still only play once in the player. So I deleted all of the other scenes and tried publishing a single scene to rule out the other scenes influencing the effect. In the player it will only play once even with no other scenes in the project.  It only works in the player if I publish the entire project.  I'm going to try publishing a single scene from the extra scenes and delete the scene with the actual lesson and see what happens.

I tried it with a totally unrelated scene, deleted all of the other scenes and published as a scene and it only plays once in the AMP. The opening scene on the website for these is just an empty box with thin black outline. There is not picture.