File SIze In Articulate Storyline


I am wondering if there is a way of save and compacting the storyline file as it doesnt seem to correspond with the size of the file. For example I tried to delelete all slides in project to keep its setting etc before importing some slides ...and yet it is stil 7MB when empty.

Other files seem to creep up to 20MB and then others with sames slides in are under 3MB.

When it publishes it goes down to under a MB . I guess I am looking for a save and compact function?

Thanks in advance if you have a suggestion

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John Smiddy

I'm working in Storyline 2 and have:

- removed all but 3 slides
- removed all unused assets
- all of the question bank slides
- saved the file with new names 3x
- saved as a template

This has reduced size from 200 mb to 198 mb.

I've got 28 courses to upload all around 200 mb. It's going to take a couple of hours...not very efficient. Has this been fixed in SL3?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi John - Are you finding that saving the file, closing, and re-opening is not reducing the file size as you think should happen? Have you worked with our support team on this? I do know that the assets 'remain' for a bit to support the undo feature of the software.

I have not seen this reported in Storyline 3.

Richard Burgess

Hey John,

I found a simple workaround for the bloated file size issue, which for me was specifically related to screen recordings, and it was the first success I've had to date despite all of the attempts at saving-as-multiple-times/closing/reopening/saving-as-again/chanting/re-publishing/yada-yada.

SCENARIO:  Story size: 125MB story - AFTER deleting everything but a single blank slide.  (I applied above advice to no avail.) As I dug deeper, I stumbled across some unused screen recordings.


1. I deleted the recordings. ('Record Screen > Delete unused recordings')   

2. I published the story. (CRITICAL STEP - saving BEFORE publishing did NOT change file size.)

3. Saved as a new file.  New file size: 8MB. Still pretty high for a single blank slide, but workable.  

Hope this helps.