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I have a video intensive file. And while the results of all videos being uncompressed are gorgeous, I am left with a 3+GB file :( . I first changed all videos from None to Automatic compression, but my file size did not change. I then went ahead and deleted all videos from my file and saved it to see the difference in size before putting them back in and strangely, it is the same 3+GB file size that it was with the uncompressed videos in. Does anyone have an idea why the file is not reducing in size? Even though I deleting them from the slides is SL2 still caching them somewhere? Thanks!

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Orgadata AG

Again, nothing helps. The only way is to create a new project. If I export the given slides to my team and import it to a new project all the deleted files are again in the new project. This is a bigger issue for you as you might thinking of it. Please create a function to delete deleted files with no link. Call it "make me happy" ;-)

Jean-Philippe Côté

The only thing that works for me is renaming the project to ZIP and manually cleaning it up before reverting.

Saving as a template does not reduce size, "saving as" does not reduce size, the unused media does not appear in the media library. There is no way to do it other than manually with ZIP extension, or hoping that eventually it goes down, which is unlikely in my case.

I often start new projects from previously completed ones, so I'm stuck with whatever size the project I started with has. I'll have a 200Mb project that needs half of its content removed for a different division and the file remains at 200Mb. Why? I've never seen this before.

A project cleanup function would be welcome because this is starting to be a problem as storage is not free. As we sit right now Storyline files are eating up gigabytes of storage space for no reason.

Jean-Philippe Côté

I have one master slide with 6 layouts that are basically variations of a small logo over a completely white background. I cleaned up the layouts that weren't used in this particular project and "saved as" and gained a couple megs, but the whole thing remains over 150Mb for a project that has 6 slides of pictures coming from screenshots, and one screencast video that lasts 2 seconds.

With remote work in full force and bandwidth at a premium during the pandemic, transferring incredibly bloated project files is tremendously wasteful, and a problem that should not be after all these years of it being a known issue.

This software needs an asset purge function.

Martin Dean

I have a file which contains 6 videos.  The file is approx.  twice the size I would expect.  On examination of the 'package' contents (by changing file suffix to .ZIP), I see there are 13 videos, which would account for the extra 'baggage'.

I tried importing my file to a new file and the new file re-created the scenes from the original file but almost all of the scenes were devoid of any slides - just empty scenes.

I also tried re-saving the file but the size did not change.

I looked for a .bin file to delete (as per Alexander's suggestion about 3 years ago) but there is no such file in the current fille set.

Please tell me how to purge the file of unwanted assets.

Katie Riggio

Good morning, Martin. I'm happy to dive in!

Why are media files retained in the published package, and how do I remove them?

  • The Why: Storyline keeps copies of older videos in case you need to use the Undo feature to revert any changes.
  • The How: If you'd like to remove any older assets, simply use the Save As SA option to create a new copy of the project and then close Storyline. 
Martin Dean

I have re-saved many times and the redundant media assets are still there.

I have also tried to import the project into a new .STORY file and this resulted in the scenes transferring but with most of the slides missing (this results in empty scenes... impossible right?)

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the additional information. It sounds like you've already done quite a bit of troubleshooting.

With your permission, I'd like you to share your project file with our support engineers to investigate what's happening. You can share it privately by uploading it here. It will be deleted when troubleshooting is complete.