File Size Not Reducing


I have a video intensive file. And while the results of all videos being uncompressed are gorgeous, I am left with a 3+GB file :( . I first changed all videos from None to Automatic compression, but my file size did not change. I then went ahead and deleted all videos from my file and saved it to see the difference in size before putting them back in and strangely, it is the same 3+GB file size that it was with the uncompressed videos in. Does anyone have an idea why the file is not reducing in size? Even though I deleting them from the slides is SL2 still caching them somewhere? Thanks!

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Orgadata AG

Again, nothing helps. The only way is to create a new project. If I export the given slides to my team and import it to a new project all the deleted files are again in the new project. This is a bigger issue for you as you might thinking of it. Please create a function to delete deleted files with no link. Call it "make me happy" ;-)