File size Problems Part deux

Hi, can anyone shed some ligth on the following issue......for reasons given in an earlier discussion about memory issues, I have split a 3gb file into five separate files and deleted 80% of the content from each leaving behind the remaining 20% in each file, with the intention of linking these together in our LMS once published.  However my attempts to rid myself of 'out of memory' errors due to the original file size of 3gb has been twarted as I've just realised that the file size did not decrease one iota following the removal of 80% of the content and is still registering the file size as 3gb for all 5 files!

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John Glasgow

Found a workaround to my workaround, created a new blank project, saved it as empty, 81kb in size, reopen it and import the content from the origianl file. Save the new project, file size now 73,123 kb (instead of 3,204,787 kb) but in my view this is still a bug. i.e. when you delete 80% of the content any user would expect the file size to fall off a cliff not stay the same! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi John,

I'll see in Michael can reach out in your case and provide some other avenues to share your file. 

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