File Size when using "View" step by step simulation

I am new to Storyline2, and I have been reading the discussions on File Size.  I have a 26 "View" step by step simulation that I created in Storyline.  The only video is the one that is used to produce the step by step.  My last slide has maybe a 30 second music file.  That is it.  When I published my file and selected "Zip" my file size is 102 MB!!  My LMS of course will not accept it.  What can I do?  Why do you even have this feature if it can't be used?  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Thanks

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Donna.  My teammate, Ashley, posted some ways to reduce your file size when you have a screen recording in your project here; as you can see there was some discussion of this topic.

To be sure, however, if you'd like to share your file with our support engineers, they can certainly do some testing to make sure that everything is working as expected.  They'll get back to you quickly and work with you to resolve your issue.