Files Get Corrupt when Saving to Network Drive

Hello everyone, 

Several of my colleague's (including myself) are having an issue with our Storyline 360 files becoming corrupt when saving them to a network folder. 

We have had Storyline 360 for many years and have always saved our projects to our network drive so that all of the Instructional Designers in our department can access any file from any folder at any given time.  

The issue of our files becoming corrupt is a new issue as of a few months ago.  Articulate's solution is to save our files to our desktops which is unacceptable.

Has anyone else had this issue?  If so, what resolution worked for you?

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Rebecca,

Articulate has always recommended saving files to a hard drive, because saving directly to a network may or may not work properly due to network-connectivity issues. 

One solution is to use a file on your desktop, i.e., open it, work on it, and save it on your desktop. After you close the file, copy it to the network folder so others have access to it. Each user would have to download the file, work on it, and then replace the older version on the network with the newer version.

Obviously, the main disadvantage to this method is version control. Ideally, you'd be able to "check out" a file from the network folder, so that others couldn't download (or, at least, would know that someone else was working on it). Another option is for each person to append the file name with the date and their initials, i.e., keep multiple versions on the network. The "best" process to use would depend on how many developers need to use each file and how often everyone needs to do revisions.