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Ali Goulet

Hi Betsy-

Thanks so much for reaching out here in Heroes! I'de like to know a little more about the trouble you're having with uploading your courses to your LMS. What kind of problems specifically are you seeing in the process? Are you receiving any errors? Would you be able to share one of the .story project files you're having trouble with here so we can do some testing? You can add it as an attachment right to a comment on this thread. 

The icon change after the update is an issue our QA team is aware of and currently investigating. I've also seen this change on my end. It doesn't affect the files themselves, however, and they should still launch normally in Storyline. I've added this thread to our QA report so you'll receive notifications of any updates in the matter. :)

Betsy  Murphy

I can’t attached the file because it is too big. When I zip the course the the LMS shows the error message below.

Betsy Murphy, PHR
Principal, Breakthrough Talent Solutions

Ali Goulet

Hi Betsy- When you reply to comment via email your attachments won't carry over. If you're not able to attach it to a comment using the "Add Attachment" feature here in the thread due to size, would you mind sharing your project file privately with us here? That form allows for larger file transfer. 

I also wanted to let you know that replying via email includes your signature, but you're welcome to pop in and edit that info out if necessary.