Fill in the Blank - Can it always mark as correct?

I'm trying to use the graded question fill-in-the-blank field as an "electronic signature" where the user types in their name and clicks submit and it's recorded. 

I want to give them a CORRECT score if they type in anything. If they don't type in anything, they can't submit, which is fine.

Is this possible to have all answers as correct? Also, is their answer recorded in the LMS? I'm using Cornerstone, and I don't think it has the ability to record their answer, but correct me if I'm wrong. 


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jason, 

Would you be able to use a text entry instead of a typical fill in the blank? With the typical fill in the blank there is no way to ensure that any/all answers are correct. 

There is an example from Becky here although this one wouldn't provide for the scoring option you mentioned. 

I'm not familiar with Cornerstone and what it will display, so I hope someone in the community can offer advice on that. 

Josh Uhlig

I believe your second post has the answer.  You can just make the incorrect answer worth the same amount of points as the correct answer.  Another option, if you don't want to actually include this 'question' in the scoring is to mark them both as zero points.  I believe this option would still send the answers to an LMS, however, that doesn't mean your LMS actually records it.  I would check with Cornerstone to see if they have a report that outputs what is captured. 

I'm not sure Ashley's suggestion will send the answer to the LMS since it is no longer a graded question.