Fill in the blank (non evaluative activity)

Hi, Would like to create fill in the blanks activity that is not evaluated.


Hello, my name is [BLANK]. 

I am from [BLANK}

When students fill in the first blank, the colour of the square shape will change to indicate it has been filled.

How can this be done in Articulate Storyline?


Very new to articulate products. ^__^

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Jessie,

I created a really rough story that does what you want, although it of course would need some formatting to make it look nice.

You said you're new, so I'll give you some basic pointers here. Not sure if you may know them already. Please write back if you require more info.

To create the boxes where Learners can type, you go to Insert >Data Entry and select Text Entry. I did this 2 times, one for "My name is" and one for "I am from."

I created two rectangles, one to contain each of the "text entry" text boxes.

Each rectangle is blue. To add a new state to it, I selected it and

1. Clicked the states tab.

2. Selected Edit States.

3. Clicked the duplicate states button

4. Chose visited from the drop-down.

5. Formatted the new rectangle to be white with black borders.

To get the state to change I clicked the triggers button in the right panel and

1. Selected the create a new trigger button

2. Completed the trigger wizard as follows:

Action: Change state of

On Object: Rectangle 1

To state: Visited

When: Variable changes

Variable: My name

On condition:

If: MyName

Operator: !=Not equal to (ignore case)

Type: Value

Value (I left it blank)

Repeat for rectangle 2.

Others may have other ideas!