Fill in the blank not working for mobile Safari and Chrome.


I'm having issues on Fill in the blank quiz. The keyboard did not appear when I tap on the 'type your text here' area. Have tried on Safari and Chrome and its still not working. I'm using storyline 1 UPDATE 10 and mobile is iPhone 5 & 6 iOS 9. In fact for Android Samsung its not working at all too. Please help.

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Crystal Horn

Hey Emalyn.  Is this problem happening with just one file in particular?  I was able to publish a Storyline 1 course and play it on my iPhone 5 iOS 9.3 in Safari, and the keyboard showed when I tapped on the text field.

If you'd like to share your .story file using the ADD ATTACHMENT button in your reply, I'd love to test it out with you.  You could always submit your file privately here as well.

Emalyn Lim

Hi Crystal, thanks for your reply. It happens when I use the preset Essay - Graded Quiz template. 

But Storyline 2 seems to solve the problem. So far all mobile from iPad to iPhone iOS9 and even in android Chrome works fine. 

So at the moment I'm using Storyline 2 to publish my files due to I'm not quite familiar with Storyline 2 interface yet. 

Hope that you can locate the issue for Storyline 1 :) 

Thanks again!

Crystal Horn

I'm glad you had a workaround!  

I wasn't able to reproduce your issue on my end with a test file, so if you want to send along your file, I'd be happy to take a look.  I want all your Storyline tools and outputs to function properly!

If you can't share your file, I might recommend rebuilding that one slide, or importing your file into a new project to see if we can rule out a slide- or project- specific issue.

Anyway, let us know if we can help further!  :)