Fill in the Blank when one possible answer is just numeric?

I've got a Fill In The Blank question with three possible answer variations:

1) 30

2) 3omph

3) 30 mph

30 gets marked wrong since I assume it's strictly a numeric response.  And if I switch it to a Numeric Question, there can only be one answer (30) so that doesn't help either.

Any suggestions on how to handle this?

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Ricky Singer

Thank you.  It was helpful to see that it can be done. 

Mine didn't work in Scormcloud either so I looked further....

I was using a question bank with a submit page.  I discovered that the "30" had an "*" in front of it.  Removing that fixed it.  I hadn't noticed it prior.....I've got to stop lookin at this on a 4k monitor! :)