Fillable Documents in Storyline

Dec 11, 2012

Morning all...

Ok i have a pretty cool idea and i want to be able to execute it so i need a little help with the triggers and programing stuff. Here is the idea.

Topic: Business Planning

Concept: users filling text spaces with data about their business and print it at the end. or export it to a doc.

Question: Can it be done?

So i know that i can use variables to have text that is entered move throughout a program. I want to take those results and have the user be able to email, print, or some how get the data out of Storyline.  Your help is appreciated.

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David Anderson

Hey Zara - Have you seen this thread by Steve: Steve would be a good person to connect with regarding the javascript needed to pass your custom text variables from SL to a printable HTML document.

Another way might be to use web objects and embed a form (survey monkey, google docs etc) which wouldn't require the additional javascript. You could load the web form into a lightbox and call it throughout the project.

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