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HI all,

I've a question..

Our storyline lessons take the form of software simulations on the whole, and we have a scenario where an electronic form needs to be filled in. The typed data can be anything really, and will vary every time someone uses it, (it's medical information on a patient).

I know I can add a text entry field over the top of a form, so they can simulate entering the data, but, when they move on to the next or subsequent screens, how can I get that text to map across and show for them?


Paul :-)

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Paul

using the text entry fields on the first screen, when you move to the second screen create text boxes and do insert > reference - choosing the variable names assigned for the fields from the first screen.

hope that makes sense.

here is a tutorial on adding variables

Look at the section 'referencing variable values'