Final Assessment Quiz Advancement


I've created a course in Storyline and I want the user to be able to navigate freely throughout the course. However, because I selected navigate freely it is allowing the user to skip to the end of the course (skipping the main assessment). How do I make the course restricted once the user reaches the assessment section? I've attached my project to show how it's arranged. I want scene two to be restricted to users, but allow scene one to navigate freely.

Thank you! 

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Maia Wintrob

Thank you Ashley. Locking down navigation for each slide is a very good idea. But I still need to allow users to see the menu items while taking the course so they can go back and view previous slides if they need to.

Are you suggesting not having a main menu area at all and just restricting the slides?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Maia,

I was suggesting, just removing those specific slides that need to be locked down from the menu. That way they can't navigate ahead to them, but they could always use the previous and back buttons. 

If the menu is on and they can see the slides, there won't be a way to stop them from skipping ahead to those. 

David Anderson

Hi Maia -

Do you have to include the Conclusion and Acknowledgement topics in the menu?

You could remove those from the menu so the learners only sees the Assessment in the menu. After the learner completes the assessment, they will auto-advance to the Conclusion and Acknowledgement slides.