FINAL COMBINED RESULTS SLIDE is not working properly. Shows "you did not pass" when I scored 100

I've created 4 different quizzes for our drivers.  They must pass each individual quiz in order to pass the course.  On Results Slide Properties I have it set to 'Selected Results Slides' where I chose all 4 results slide.  I also selected 'user must pass each quiz' as suggested from all the discussions I read on here.  I previewed the entire project and it worked great.  The final results I received where as expected.  HOWEVER, when I published it into SCORM and added it to the LMS that was not the case.  I completed and passed all 4 courses with 100% and it showed I failed the course.  What am I doing wrong?  I've included screen shots, the zip file, the presentation, and the answer key to the quizzes (just in case)  

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Katie Riggio

Hello, Lynee. Happy to help!

I uploaded your course to SCORM Cloud, an industry-standard testing tool, and ran through each quiz. When I reached the results slide on 6.1, the results showed 100% with the 'Congratulations, you passed' message.

You can view the hosted course here. Could you test my link and let me know if you see anything different on your end? Also, I'm on Chrome 77. How about you?