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I have just started working on a small concept. Need your suggestion on this scenario (which is a part of the small concept):

Screen 1 - 

Option 1 - Option 2 - Option 3 - Option 4(Correct)

Screen 10 - 

Option 1 - Option 2(Correct) - Option 3 - Option 4

Screen 19 - 

Option 1 - Option 2 - Option 3(Correct) - Option 4

Screen 34 - 

Option 1(Correct) - Option 2 - Option 3 - Option 4

Screen 45 - Show the score (based on the clicks on correct options) 

Is there any possibility to get the final score in the 45th screens ? If yes, please help me.

I am also doing parallel work here. 



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Bruce Graham

As above...

Once fantastic feature of Storyline is being able to de-couple the position (in the course) of questions, and the results slide display.

If cleverly done, people do not even need to know they are taking a "test" per se, you can just come in at slide 45 (or any other...), and just say "Let's look at how you have done compared to our thinking", (or whatever...) later on in the course.


Sarah Lopez

I have a question to tack on here... I'm looking to do something similar as the original poster, but instead of having "correct"/"incorrect" options, option A, B C, are "good" "better" "best" on different slides. Can these questions have a point assigned to them? i.e. 5 points for A vs 10 points for B, etc??