Finally Had It! Now I Have To Ask..

OK, I've got a major pet peeve that seriously adds SO MUCH TIME to working with Storyline that I just have to "ask for directions" instead of just assuming that there may not be a better way.

When I copy/paste an element, it ALWAYS pastes it to the right and down just a smidge. What is then required of me to take that new pasted item is to align it with the item I just copied from...whether it is to the right/left or up/down.

I am now asking why isn't there an option to turn off this off-set pasting? I really do know when something is pasted and all I have to do is just click my up/down/left/right arrows and what I have pasted will moving away from what I copied and so I will know it worked.

(And by the way, I can appreciate suggestions like using the align tool and other things I have found that speed things up. I only want to know if I can change this off-set pasting business.)

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Joseph,

There is not a way to change that behavior within Storyline, and as I understand it it's by design and the same behavior you'd experience in Powerpoint for example. I think it's standard UI in terms of the design, and you could imagine how there may be people who *may not* know it was pasted in, which could cause a whole slew of other problems. So my guess on the "why" (as I'm not a developer/coder) is that in this set up, it's in line with the "norm" and allows for understanding of the behavior by a broader user base.