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Brett Rockwood

I suspect what is happening is that you are searching for two different things. There is the apostrophe which looks like this (’) and the prime mark which looks like this ('). I believe when you type an apostrophe into the Search field in SL it actually inputs the prime mark. But when you type an apostrophe in a text box or paste one in from PPT or Word it uses the proper apostrophe. So your search won't match.

Many Windows programs (including SL) convert the prime mark — which is what you actually are typing on your keyboard — into an apostrophe. The same thing happens with double quote marks. These are sometimes referred to as "curly quotes". This can be very convenient most of the time but can mess up your searches in SL. For some reason SL converts these in text boxes but not in the Search field...

Try typing ALT 0146 in the Search field when you want an apostrophe (Num Lock needs to be on). This will insert the proper apostrophe character and I bet your search will find it properly.

PS, if you're looking for curly quotes type ALT 0147 for the opening quote and ALT 0148 for the closing one.

Brett Rockwood

Hi Sam. I believe the key on your keyboard just to the left of the Enter key actually types the prime mark and then your software, Word, PPT, SL, etc., converts it on the fly to the apostrophe so you're using the correct key. You can control this auto-correction in MS Office settings but I don't think you can in SL.

The issue — I believe, but may be wrong — seems to be that when you are in the Search field in SL and press the prime/apostrophe key it doesn't convert it to the apostrophe symbol like it does in a text box. So your text box likely has the converted apostrophe while your search field has the unconverted prime mark, hence they don't match and aren't found.

BTW: The prime mark is an abbreviation for feet (1' = 12") and for minutes of an arc (60' = 1°). The double prime is an abbreviation for inches (1" = 2.54 cm), and for seconds of an arc (360" = 1°). 

Brett Rockwood

Test this:

Enter "I'm" in a text box.

Search for "I(ALT +0146)m"

Result = Found

Search for "I'm"

Result = Not Found

So I would say it's an inconsistent implementation of how SL deals with inputting the apostrophe keystroke. It auto-corrects the text box but not the search field. So it is apostrophe vs prime mark.