Find/Replace text for whole project only?

Oct 23, 2020

I want to replace a repeated word on a slide with a different word. I'm using the Find/Replace tool in the Home-->Paragraph  tab. By using 'Replace All' it replaces all instances of that word in the whole project rather than just on the current slide. Is this right, am I missing something? Does this need to be a feature request to toggle between project--->scene-->slide? Clicking 'Find next', then 'replace' for each change seems a little unintuitive and laborious. 

Storyline attached:

  1. 2 Identical slides with the work 'Find'
  2. Open Slide 2
  3. Find/Replace: Replace word 'Find' with 'Replace' - Click 'Replace All'
  4. Replaces all instances of word on Slide 1 AND Slide 2


Edit: saw that this is as expected according to the online manual. So consider this a feature request - filter by slide! :-)

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