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Apr 10, 2017

So, I've set up this page that has objects on it (which are part of a main image) and I have hotspots over them to add one to a counter and change the info displayed, simple enough. My problem is, how do I make it so the hotspots only add to the score once yet remain active to bring the information back if required?

At the moment all I can think is to cut the parts out of my main image, overlay them and then mess around with states or duplicate images to appear once clicked without the add trigger but that seems like a lot of work. 

Is there an easier way?



Solution was changing the add trigger to include an if the tick mark (which comes up to show you've clicked one) is hidden so it only works on the first click. I'll leave this up for anyone doing anything similar.

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Kevin Thorn

Hi Bruce,

You're on the right track with a counter variable once a hotspot is clicked. To prevent the counter from adding to the variable yet still allow access to the information, a little 'looping' counter trick might work.

Trigger: Adjust Variable [Hotspot-1] +Add value 1.00 when user clicks Hotspot 1 (object)

Trigger: Show Layer (presuming) when user clicks Hotspot 1 (object)

The technique is to still show the layer of information but NOT add to the variable score. Add another trigger to the hotspot that sets the variable to the count IF it has already been established.

Trigger: Adjust Variable [Hotspot-1] =Assignment value 1.00 IF (condition) [Hotspot-1] Equal to 1.00

Essentially, the user clicks the hotspot the first time to reveal (layer) information and adds 1 to the count. Now that the value of 1 is in that variable but you don't want to continue to add yet still allow access to showing the layer, SET the variable to 1 for any subsequent clicks. That variable will always remain 1 now.

Then just add as many hotspot variables you have to a total score variable. 

Without testing and thinking out loud here, that should get you started. This may even work! 

Hope this helps.

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