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Garry Nordenstam

Jonathan Donley said:

Is it possible to determin if a course is tracking using number of slides viewed versus tracking using quiz results by looking at files within the published folder?


I think you can check your imsmanifest.xml file for an entry like this...


If it's present, it indicates your course is using a Quiz result to track mastery/completion.

Jonathan Donley

Thank you Garry and Emily. 


   The .story file was my first option.  Sometimes my client cannot provide these files so I was looking for another method.


     I did open the imsmanifest.xml file and did a search for 100 but did not find it on either courses which used number of slides and courses which used quiz results. Perhaps you could send an example of a file where the 100 appears.  These courses are SCORM 1.2 so maybe this only works on SCORM 2004 files.

Garry Nordenstam

Hi Jonathan,

The forum rendered the tags I posted in my message. I'm attaching an excerpt of an XML file that shows the entry you are looking for. If you find the tag "adlcp:masteryscore" within the "organizations" section of the manifest file, then it is using a quiz with a mastery score. The number between the two tags is the mastery level. This based on SCORM 1.2.