Finding license in Storyline

Dec 07, 2016

Does anyone know where I can find the license for Storyline?  I can't get the splash screen to come up in Windows 10 and I need the license number in order to upgrade to 360.  I can get to all of my files for the product, I just don't know where I might be able to find my license key.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Steve, 

I see my colleague Sarah and you were in touch on December 5th about a license transfer/upgrade.  I don't see any cases from this past weekend. The emails you would have had with Sarah would have come from If you used our case submission form this weekend, there were some issues which our team did resolve - but you'll always receive an email confirmation from our site once the case goes through. If you didn't see that, that's the indication that there was an issue with the submission.

Steve Shoemaker

Thanks for following up. I'll resubmit the support request.

I may be making this more complicated than it really is. I have personal licenses for the '09 family of products (Presenter, etc.) and Storyline 1. I bought those for a freelancing educational design company I owned. I've since closed that company. Those are the serial numbers I can't get to because they're old products and I can't open them in Windows 10.

The school I work for also purchased a license for Storyline 1 at my urging. We gave that to a librarian who dabbled in instructional design for library materials. She has since left and the license was transferred to another person who never really used Storyline. I know that serial number but the license is not assigned to me so I'm not sure if I can use it to purchase Articulate 360 at the discounted loyalty price.

Have I made that sufficiently complicated?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Steve,

Just a little bit... ;-) 

But, ultimately it's also tied back to the purchaser - if you can't resubmit the request or want to talk it through, you can also contact our Customer care team by calling +1 (800) 861-4880 and they'll be happy to assist. They may still need the license numbers documented in an email, but at least you can talk through the specifics of your set up with them.

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