Fine Tuning Issue

Mar 11, 2015

Hi everyone,

I'm having an issue with using the Action Fine Tuning feature with screencasting. I currently have a screencast that I've set to be step-by-step slides in the Try mode. On one of the slides, I want to show a menu being hovered on (and therefore activated) and then click on the appropriate item in the menu that has appeared. However, because there was no mouse click, the slide doesn't show this - it just shows the menu as already being there and the user must click on the appropriate item.

So, I used the Action Fine Tuning feature to begin the slide slightly earlier. But now, the screencast doesn't work on this slide - the hover doesn't happen, the menu doesn't appear, and the user can't click on the appropriate item.

Am I missing something with the Action Fine Tuning feature? I just want to extend the screencast in that part, which is what I understand this feature is for.

Any help would be great - thanks everyone!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Erika, 

So the hover was captured at all? Extending the timeline prior will not include that as a part of the screen recording if it wasn't something that was captured. Are you recording a particular piece of Software or a web based system? If the latter what browser are you recording it in? I'd recommend Internet Explorer as it reports the data better than browsers such as Chrome. 

Please also check that you're following along with the directions here in regards to editing the screen recording. 

HPL Training

The hover was captured - I can see it in the Action Fine Tuning. But when I save the changes and preview the slide, the screencast doesn't work in the same way - it doesn't change at all.

I recorded it in Internet Explorer.

This isn't urgent, as I just made do without the hover as this is too much of a bother to fix. but I would like to know why it isn't working...

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