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Dear All,

I was asked to put a question in my eLearning that asks the user to finish a sentence.

In the sentence you will have two blanks were you should at a word. We have 4 words to choose from and two blank parts in the sentence. I tried using the matching drop down option and placed the part of the sentence in front and the options behind but it still gives me 4 drop down menus off-course and we only need 2 but have 4 words to choose from. 

Does anybody have a solution to make a question work like this?

Best regards,

Dick Coppus

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Annie Jean

Hi Dick,

would a drag and drop work for you?

I have tried it and it work. You can specifiy the drop target for the 2 good answers and just leave blank the drop target for the 2 others. So they are all draggable but only 2 will be used as good answers.

Don't hesitate if you need further information.

Have a nice day!


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Dick and Annie,

Dick, if Annie's solution works for you, go for it and tx to Annie.

Also, though, there is a way to create more than one drop-down and different choices using a Pick One quiz and customizing it. I'm attaching one I did a while back to answer a question in a thread (it includes a scene where I wrote production notes to myself). Mine only has one drop-down but if you go to this Mike Enders video, which is where I learned this trick, you'll see he has 3 drop-downs set up.

And I I totally misunderstood the question -- oops and sorry!