Finishing a Scenario: Not Sure What I am Doing Wrong-

I have a question.
I have a scenerio where I have the opening scene that ends with a page where the user sees three characters (we'll call it slide1.3).  Each character represents a scene where the user makes decisions based on scenarios. There is a score. The user chooses whichever character they want to go through. At the end of each scene, the user is taken back to the slide 1.3 to start the next character.
Once the user has completed all three scenes, how can I get storyline to advance to a new scene?
1. Can I make a button appear on slide 1.3 after the user has been through three scenes? If so how?
2. What other ways can this happen?
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Russell Still

There are a number of ways to do this. One way would be to define three true/false variables, all initialized to false. When each of the the three "legs" are started, one of the variables is set to true (using a trigger - adjust variable to true when the timeline starts).

When all three variables are true, all three legs have been visited.

Another way would be to define visited states for each of the three characters.

Russell Still

That Articulate page does a good job of describing the use of True/False variable. (In the logic world, they are called boolean variables.) You asked about other tutorials - as you know, Articulate has a lot of them online. You might also rummage around through the articles at They were written by Storyline beta testers.

Edward Wesley

Here is an example of what I am trying to do. I want the user to go to all three scenes in any order before advancing to scene 5. Each prior scene has a button that returns the user back to scene 1. Even after reading the variable articles, I guess I don't understand how to make this happen? Any ideas... ?

Ben  Wyse


If I understand you correctly, you want to restrict the user's ability to move to the next slide (5) until they have clicked the three buttons.

You can do this several ways but the easiest for me is to add a condition to your "Next" button trigger.  I noticed you didn't have your "Next" button set up to jump to the slide you wanted.  You need to fix that too.  

Does this work for you?