Finite GIF Loops

Aug 04, 2014

Hello, Heroes!

I am creating a program using Presenter Media's GIF clip art and have customized the clip art to run the GIF loop only ONCE, then stop. In Presenter Media's preview, this works fine.

When I download the clip and use it in a Storyline project, the clip loops until the slide advances. In other words, the "loop once then stop" format does not work in Storyline. Is there a workaround? Sometimes, I don't want motion clips to display motion the entire time they are on the screen.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Richard and welcome to Heroes!

I'm not incredibly familiar with how to create an animated gif - but I did find another thread where a user experienced a similar situation and there are a bunch of troubleshooting ideas and files to test out and another thread where a user mentioned a particular command that needed to be included in the file.

If neither of those help you narrow it down, you may want to try and post the .story file and the .gif file here for others in the community to take a look at.

Richard Harshaw

I tried saving the GIF files from Presenter Media as 1x loop SWF files, but when I try to import the SWF file into Storyline, I get a message that this file format is not supported. Odd, because the Presenter Media web site shows that SWF files ARE supported in Articulate.

I am not a Flash programmer-- just customizing stock GIF loops on Presenter Media-- so am stuck at this point. Some of these animations are cute-- once-- but get irritating if they loop and loop. I'm just trying to turn the looping off.

As an earlier post said, it would be nice if Storyline had a loop control option in one of its menus.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Richard,

I'm not incredibly familiar with Presenter Media, but I do see the reference you mentioned on their website. Have you tried importing the same SWF into a Powerpoint file, as I see that they mention it's initially designed for Powerpoint? You could also insert the SWF as a regular video file instead of a Flash file, which should help with the looping issue.

Also if you'd like to see a particular feature in a new version of Storyline, we welcome feature requests here and those go directly to our product development team.

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