Firefox and Chrome Playback Issues?

Apr 09, 2014

Hello, I see that browsers have been discussed before, but need to get an answer to a client about intermittent browser issues with Storyline playback in Firefox and Chrome. (Storyline in IE seems to perform consistently well, but we don't want to limit our end-users.) Specifically, the issues we're experiencing are truncated lightbox slides, non-responsive buttons, and very slow performance. These issues just showed up recently (I realize the browsers are constantly being updated). I haven't changed the way I publish the course, but I get a different quality of playback from time-to-time. When the course works, I'm hesitant to re-publish for fear that the course won't work again! What Storyline features are usually affected by browser changes? (i.e., What features can I count on?) I'd like to provide a solid product for my clients with Storyline in multiple browsers, but am wondering if that'll ever be possible. (We all have the required versions of Firefox and Chrome.)

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Susan and welcome to Heroes!

Both Firefox and Chrome are supported browsers, although there is a known issue with the latest version of Pepper Flash in Chrome described here. Chrome and Firefox are actually my preferred browsers, and I personally try to stay away from IE.  

Since you mentioned the playback varies time to time, I'd want to know more about if you experienced an issue in Chrome/Firefox and then at the same time on the same computer, wireless network, etc. you were able to play the course smoothly in IE?

Susan Wolf

I also try to stay away from IE, but lately it's been the only sure thing with my Storyline courses.

We experienced these intermittent playback issues on the same computers with the same versions of Firefox (i.e., no one made updates). Some people were accessing the courses wirelessly and some wired, but no one changed their access mode. We all have Chrome, Firefox, and IE on our computers and always test the course with those three browsers with each published version. IE always performs the best.

I solved the issue by not using the lightbox feature in my current course. But, I hope this is just a temporary issue and can go back to using it reliably soon. Since the text doesn't seem to resize consistently in lightboxes (I've tried all the options---auto-shrink, do not autofit, etc. and get the same outcome), could it be that Storyline is inconsistently writing sizing information in the published files? Could Firefox and Chrome have issues with reading Storyline sizing info...? Just a guess. I'm far from a coding expert.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Susan,

I'm also not a coding expert - but I do know that Storyline essentially turns your text into images upon publish so that regardless of fonts installed on a users system they can view it as designed (among other reasons I'm sure). Could you pull out that one slide with the lightbox and the scrolling on a layer and share with us so that I could take a look? 

Lauren Connelly

Hi Steve!

I'm happy to look into the issue! There are a few questions that would help troubleshoot.

  • Are you using Storyline 360? If so, which version?
  • How have you published the course, and are you viewing it in an LMS?
  • Is the hover state working in IE or another browser?

Lastly, would you mind sharing your file with us? You can do so by using the "add attachment" in this discussion. Or if you want to share the file privately use this link for our Support Engineers to take a look! 

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