Firefox issue with Jump To URL/FIle on last slide of course

Jun 11, 2019

I have a "Finish"  button on the last slide of my course that when clicked, takes the user to a custom page where they continue with their course.  We've always used this format in Storyline 2, but now I am testing a course in Storyline 3 and so far, it doesn't work in Firefox.

It successfully goes to our custom page in safari and chrome, but in Firefox, I simply get redirected to a page that says "The content has ended. You may close this window. "



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Eric Allen

I attempted to do a document.location.href = executive javascript to redirect to the other page as well... it did the same thing in both browsers... it still went to the "The content has ended. You may close this window. " page instead of the URL that I specified.

I have no idea what is going on here.   I can't figure this one out.


Chrome and safari are fine, FF and iE are not.

Eric Allen

That did work in SCORM Cloud, but appeared to open in a new window.


I failed to mention earlier, we load this in the same window and the user can continue to the next course without leaving it.  When I load in a new window it seems to work.  It just doesn't work if I load it in the same window.  I always end up with that "The content has ended. You may close this window. " page.

Eric Allen

We actually just have a custom LMS built out, which we purchased a SCORM adaptor for.


I have figured out a work-around here, that should take care of whatever is going wrong here.  If I modify the  "The content has ended. You may close this window. " page, which is "Goodbye.html" in the "lms" subdirectory of the published output to just do a javascript redirect to the page that we want to go to, it works!

Ideally of course, I wish I knew why these links didn't just always work correctly in this situation across all browsers, but I think we have a workable solution here.


Thank you for your time and help Michael.

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