Firefox problems

Dec 10, 2015

I've created a course in Storyline 2 and am having playback problems with the Mozilla Firefox browser (42.0).  This course works perfectly in IE and Chrome.  I'm wondering if there is any solution besides telling my clients, "Don't use Firefox."  I've experienced these problems:

Wipe animations don't work.  The object appears all at once.

The only slider in my course doesn't work at all.

If you click the "Replay" icon after the timeline finishes, the "wait windmill" spins indefinitely.  This also happens if you click on the seekbar while the timeline is running.  However, the "Replay" icon works fine if you click it while the timeline is running.

A video clip would not play on the first try.  After hitting PREV and going through the previous slide, the clip played on the second try.

When reviewing quiz questions, most have answers piled on top of each other.  It appears the correct answer is laid over another answer.

And the text looks funky throughout the course with odd character spacing.

Can anybody offer anything besides "don't use Firefox"?  Many thanks!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bill,

Mike is correct that our output is not supported for HTML5 in Firefox, and Firefox can block Flash by default, but there is an easy way to change that behavior as described here. 

You'll also want to make sure that you're testing the published output in the intended environment as detailed here. 

Wendy Fanning

Thank you Mike B. for your suggestion.  Flash is definitely installed on my computer; I confirmed it in Chrome.  I couldn't find Shockwave Flash among the available Firefox plugins.  So I tried to activate it in Firefox through Flash Control: Whitelist.  I tried my course again, and still have the same problems.

Even if this solution had worked, asking our students to reconfigure Firefox is an unacceptable solution.  We will soon open our LMS to hundreds of students, and many of them have minimal computer skills.  It appears we have no choice but to tell our students to use IE or Chrome, where it has worked perfectly in all our tests.

Mike B.

I believe the Flash component for Chrome may be different than the one if FF. I've heard that Chrome comes with Flash included.

When you run your course in FF, in the URL, are you viewing the story.html file or the story_html5.html? The course will switch to the html5 version (if you've published with that option checked) if it does not detect Flash.

I'm just trying to determine whether or not you are actually running the Flash version of the course. You can also try re-publishing the course, and making sure the HTML5 option is not checked. I just did this and opened the course in FF, and I get a large grey box that reads "A plugin is needed to display this content."

Wendy Fanning

Thank you Ashley for your suggestions.  One of our clients alerted us to this issue when he took the course through our LMS, and I investigated it through our LMS.  So we are definitely testing it in the intended environment.

We have had dozens of students successfully complete this course so far; this is the first time we heard of anybody trying it in Firefox.  He said he normally doesn't use Firefox, and neither of us understand why the course launched in Firefox.

We are not seeing the "Firefox Is Blocking Flash Content" page in the first link you sent.  Both of us were able to complete the course, and the LMS recorded our results.  The course largely worked, except for the problems I detailed in my first post.

Again, even if this solution had worked, asking our students to fix it is an unacceptable solution. So we have no choice but to tell our students to use IE or Chrome.  Thanks for your help just the same.

Mike B.

Ok. When the course first opens, try right-clicking on the course in various places. Do you get the standard Flash pop-up menu that reads "Zoom in, Show all, Quality, About Flash Player, etc."?

In my test course, I see that menu in the Flash version, but I don't get anything popping up in the HTML5 version. Just trying to make sure you're actually seeing the Flash version.

You could also go to in FF and manually download and install the Flash plugin to make absolutely sure you have it installed for FF.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bill,

I did want to confirm an element Mike shared, that Chrome has it's own version of Flash built in, so you'd want to see if Firefox had Flash installed or enabled. I know it may not be something you want to instruct your students to do, so directing them to utilize a specific browser IE or Chrome may be the better option. 

Wendy Fanning

Thank you Mike and Ashley!  We have it fixed now.  

The Flash pop-up menu did not appear in Firefox, but it does appear in IE and Chrome (in all cases running the course through our LMS).  So you're right, the Firefox version of Flash was not installed.

I then went to the Adobe website in Firefox and downloaded and installed the FF version of Flash (which they confirmed is different from IE and Chrome).  Now the Flash pop-up menu appears, and the course works perfectly; all the problems I detailed above are gone.  Huzzah!

I then tried it in IE and Chrome to make sure I didn't create any new problems by installing a different Flash player.  In both cases the course again ran perfectly.

So I will modify the instructions to tell them if the course is acting erratically, check which browser they're using. If it's Firefox, switch to IE or Chrome. Or if they are sufficiently comfortable with geeking computers, they can download the Firefox Flash player from the Adobe website. This way they can make their own choice.


Wendy Fanning

Thanks again folks!  I'm confident some of our students WILL be using mobile devices, so we have to keep the HTML5.  

And nobody asked, but my profile photo shows me holding the layshaft (injector rack throttle control) on a locomotive.  The diesel engine behind me is taller than I am.  Fun with big machinery!

Jennifer Clarke

Just found this thread because only the wipe animations in my project didn't work - fades, floats, etc. all find. I checked my FF flash settings using the link above and it is all up to date, but reading suggested workarounds gave me the idea of just deleting _html5 from the url, just ending with .html and voila! it works fine.

Clotilde Roussot

Hi everyone, I've created a course in Storyline 2 and am facing problems with the Mozilla Firefox browser (v52). When I launch the course in its LMS environment, it works perfectly in IE and Chrome in Windows, but not in Firefox.

Drag and drops don't work. The only slider in my course doesn't work either.

Any tip?

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Clotilde,

Are you viewing the Flash output in Firefox as the HTML5 output is not supported in this viewing environment? 

Another helpful test, since you mentioned your LMS, is to see if you are able to recreate the issue via SCORM Cloud. If you are able to replicate, we would want to take a look, but if you are not I would advise following up with your LMS team.

If you need us to take a look, please feel free to share the .story file here.

Varya Beliaevskaia

Hi everyone! This tread is a bit old, but I could not find anything fresher.

Is HTML5 output still not supported in Firefox?

When we view our courses in Firefox with Flash disabled the audio doesn't play. As soon as I click any button (Next, Pause, etc.) the audio starts playing and from then on it plays fine. Our courses created in Presenter 13 and published for LMS  as Flash with HTML5 fallback.

Audio works just fine when courses are viewed in Firefox with Flash enabled; and in all other browsers

Varya Beliaevskaia

Hi Alyssa,

I submitted the issues to the support team, and they logged them as
"possible software bugs"

The first one (Case #01793071 ) concerns the Presenter panel. If there
isn't any email address in the details of the presenter, then the panel
won't display a "More Information" button. We can live with this bug, and
there is a workaround - we can always insert an email address for our
The second issue (Case #01797626) is much more serious, and it seems to be
caused by the recent Studio updates. When course is launched in Firefox
the popup appears with a javascript error from the content. After I close
the popup window, the course run smoothly. Still, we cannot offer such
classes to our students. So we went back to Presenter 13, which is
extremely inconvenient, since it has its own problems with Firefox. If you
could escalate the investigation of this issue it would be greatly
Thank you,Varya

Katie Riggio

Greetings, Varya!

Thank you for checking in, and I'm sorry for the trouble this bug is causing. I updated our team on its continuing impact and should anything change, we'll make sure you are the first to know!

In the meantime, I'm curious to know the same error appears in the Inquisiq LMS when importing your Studio 360 content into Storyline 360. Could you give that a try and let me know how you go?

I'll be right here, and let me know if I can help with anything else!