First made on Storyline

Hello guys, I made my first project on Storyline and I have few questions about features of this software. 

I made my diferent scenes in disorder and I would like to know how to put them on the desired order ? For example : I would like to order my scene number 9 in number 1. 

I have a scene that doesn't show up on the player, how is it possible ? 

I'm sorry for my english, I'm a french guy. 

It is not clear for you, please tell me. Thanks 

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Susi B

Hi Shahine,

if you go to your storyview where you see all your scenes you can rightclick in one scene (not on a slide but in the whitespace of the scene) and then you can set this scene as your starting scene. Otherwise you can rearrange your scenes by cutting them out (Strg+X) and clicking on the scene after which you want the cutted scene to be, e.g. you want scene 9 to be after scene 3 so you cut out scene 9, click on scene 3 and insert (Srtg+V) scene 9 again > now it should be scene 4. I would collapse all the scenes so it´s easier to rearrange them (you can do this with the little arrow in the upper right corner of your scenes or with right clicking somewhere in the storyview > collapse all scenes).

In the player > menu you can reset your menu with the button on the right under your menu list (which you should always do when you have finished your storyline course) and then there should be every single slide and scene in the list. :)