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Jul 26, 2017


Our team is developing our first Storyline 360 Course, having previously used Articulate Storyline 2.  I am noticing a difference in the mobile experience in which a learner cannot simultaneously view the narration panel, menu and onscreen content.  Is there a setting to allow for this capability in Storyline 360?


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Ali Goulet

Hey Brynne - So glad you're jumping into Storyline 360!

What you're seeing is the new mobile Responsive Player, designed to give your learners the best viewing experience on tablets and smartphones- regardless of screen size and orientation.

You're right, this is a feature that's currently applied automatically to your course when viewing the HTML5 output on a mobile device. Your learners will have the option to view the menu when needed. 

Our team is working on a unified player for Storyline 360 so you'll have the option for your courses to have the same look on both desktops and mobile. You can stay tuned over here for updates on our newest features and upcoming ones! 

Thanks so much for reaching out here ☺️ 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Brynne!

I'm glad to hear you and your team are checking out Storyline 360! There's a whole lot to love. 💙

With the design of Storyline 360's responsive player, the menu and notes will cover the slide while they are active on a mobile device. 

I can definitely see how being able to view the slide content while also reading the Notes text or Menu would be helpful--could you tell us more about your idea in a feature request?

And by the way, here's how we manage all the great ideas we receive from folks like you!

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