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Aug 02, 2015

We have published a student orientation course in Storyline (standard flash and HTML5, SCORM 1.2) for a large university. Navigation is restricted. PROBLEM: Some question slides lock up even before students have a chance to submit their answer. A red "Incorrect" bar appears along bottom of slide and the Next doesn't work so they can't move forward. This continued to happen even after installing Update 6 (July 14 2015) and resaving and re-publishing the course.

Based on the screen captures and emails they received, the ones getting road-blocked appear to be:

Mac users on Safari, Chrome, and IE (sample capture attached)

Windows 8 on IE

I noticed a similar thread for ipad users at Perhaps recent updates have fixed the problem for ipads, but there's still a problem for Mac users.

What's odd is that I don't see this Incorrect bar anywhere in the source file (Master slides, Feedback Master, or any of the question slides.)

It might be the only way to avoid the problem is to rebuild the questions without using the Submit Interaction trigger (just manually trigger Feedback layers to display), but then we lose the benefit of results going to the Moodle LMS.

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Debbie Chaddock

No, nobody came up with a definitive solution, and it was a major headache for our client, who had to deal with 100s of learners getting locked up in the course. It never occurred when we and our client tested the course, so the problem really took us all by surprise, and Articulate couldn't re-create the problem either.
I think the only way to guarantee this issue doesn't occur is to build the questions from scratch without using the "submit interaction" trigger anywhere - just show feedback layers without reporting to LMS. (I haven't used Articulate Studio in several years, so I'm not sure how much flexibility it has now.) Anyway, that's my theory for now.
I'm so sorry you're having that problem, although I do feel some vindication in knowing I'm not the only one this happened to.


Brittney Price

I've done some digging and there are actually many people running into this issue in one way or another. Some are on an iPad, some in Storyline, some not. The common problem is the red incorrect bar before the user even attempts the question and being locked up from there unable to move forward. We are unable to replicate it ourselves but we've had enough customers call with the same issue that we know something is wrong. As for a workaround, we may need to recreate our "check your knowledge" periodic quiz questions to not be actual quiz questions at all. It's limiting but we need to figure something out. Anyway, thanks for your response. I agree, it's nice finding others who can understand your frustration! ;)

Brittney Price

Hi Leslie,

Yes, because we can't replicate the issue here, I had to create test courses that are hidden to the general public with logging turned on, which took some time. We've asked a customer who ran into the issues before to take our test courses and send us the log if he runs into trouble. This isn't one of our employees so we are hoping with the incentive of a gift card he will be willing to troubleshoot our technical issues for us. As soon as we have a log, I'll be sending it over!

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