Fishy Fish interactions -- challenging hot spot interactions

Aug 04, 2015

Is it possible to designate a hotspot that is triggered with a specific portion of an object is over it?

Currently my "when object is over" triggers are triggered with any portion of object A intersects with object B.

Option 1: Is it possible to name an x,y coordinate of object A as the object's "handle" or "anchor" point and then have the hot spot respond only when the handle/anchor of the object interacts with it?

Option 2: Is it possible to make linked/grouped objects movable as a unit (e.g. when setting up a "When: Object dragged over" is it possible to make a GROUP be the "movable object" but only have a specific object in the group trigger the "Hover over" object?

When making interactions such as fire extinguishers, or scanning barcodes, or even fishing, it seems desirable to have the learner interact with a group of related objects (the extinguisher and the spray, or the scanner and the laser beam, or the fishing pole and the line, hook, and bait) but ONLY have a single object (the spray, or the lase beam, or the bait) trigger an "Object dragged over" interaction.

Any feedback or workarounds to these types of interaction scenarios?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mike,

Option 1: There is no option for XY coordinates but it's definitely something that could make a good feature request! 

Option 2: There isn't a way to make just a section be the dragged over portion, as it's about the entire object and any piece that is dragged over or the section in which the are to drop over. 

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