Fix for no Play/Pause button on HTML5 output from SL2

For those of us doomed to worry about how a course fares on the iPad, you may benefit from the following:

A frustrating problem discovered in Storyline 2 Update 2 (and 3) was a missing Play/Pause button in the html5 output.  Specifically, it was the html5 LMS output (launched through index_lms_html5.html) having this issue.  The non-LMS html5 file (story_html5.html) did actually have have the button, which may explain why those having this issue thought it fixed...until it wasn't, i.e., it's fine until you put in in the LMS.

See these links for more info: 

A colleague of mine was able to come up with a fix.  By comparing the files, he found that there was a key difference in certain lines of code (see image attachment).

By copying the lines (highlighted in red) from story_html5.html to index_lms_html5.html (overwriting the existing lines in index_lms_html5.html), we were able to get the button back in the LMS on the iPad.  This, of course, would need to happen after every publish.  

There's an inherent caveat emptor for this sort of post-publish step, but hopefully this helps someone who was having the same issue and is willing to edit a little code.

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Emily Ruby

Hello John,

Thanks for sharing your workaround. This issues has been addressed by our QA team. It'll be fixed in a forthcoming software update for Articulate Storyline. Enable the Check for updates at startup feature to be notified when new updates are available. I will also post here when it is available.